New to R&D Tax Claims?

Introduced in the UK in 2000 to reward innovation in business and stimulate economic growth -

These generous tax credit often lie unclaimed

What are R&D tax credits?



  • Does your business undertake any form of innovative work that involves overcoming a scientific or technological challenge?
  • Perhaps you have introduced a new product range or improved a process or service?
  • Are you having difficulty trying to make something work that is not standard or routinely known within your sector?

Then, you may be eligible to claim a considerable amount in R&D tax relief!

R&D tax incentives were introduced in the UK in 2000 to reward innovation in business and stimulate economic growth, yet these

generous tax credits often lie unclaimed.

There are a number of reasons why businesses like yours may not have made an R&D tax claim:

  • You simply weren’t aware that R&D tax credits exist.
  • You don’t have the in-house resources or expertise.
  • You’re not sure whether your business activities qualify for R&D tax relief.


New to R&D Tax Claims?

That’s where we can help you

Making your first R&D tax claim

The scope for R&D tax relief is huge. In fact, as a first-time claimant, you can usually claim for your last two completed accounting periods.

However, as with any HMRC matters, you need to ensure that you get things right – both from a legal compliance standpoint and to ensure you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to.

If you’re not familiar with the complex and technical R&D tax claims process, we highly recommend consulting our specialist advisors.

From identifying and analysing all your R&D activities right the way through to handling your claim, we offer a low-risk opportunity to secure the optimum financial benefits available to your business.

Why choose Momentum?

Simple - our experience and our competencies

  • Leading Experts
    Leading Experts

    Established in 2009, and leaders in the field of R&D tax claims, our team of experts have an excellent track record in delivering significant, tangible results for thousands of clients throughout the UK.

  • Wealth of Skills
    Wealth of Skills

    All our Tax Credit Consultants are leading experts from the business, finance and tax sectors, and have the wealth of skills and experience required to help your business make the most of HMRC’s generous incentives.

  • Facilitate

    We’re not just here to facilitate short term tax relief. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your business continues to reap every R&D tax reward possible.

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