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Building Momentum Across The Business Industry

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Nico Fell

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Building Momentum Across The Business Industry

Tightening rules

Across the business landscape, innovation is at the core of success. Allowing local companies to prosper and bolstering the global economy, innovation drives growth for the future of business.

Celebrating our tenth year, The Momentum Group is the established market leader and NI’s largest award-winning R&D Tax Credits Advisory Firm. Working in an industry where businesses are continually innovating has allowed us to do the same. We have grown exponentially over the last five years and are implementing plans to ensure we continue to thrive.

We have been the trusted partner for over 800 claims across a vast range of sectors, including manufacturing engineering, construction and food, pharma and digital technologies plus just about everything in between.

Over the past four years, Momentum has experienced strong results and an impressive 92% growth in client base. To date, we have identified over £125 million of successful R&D tax relief for our clients.

At Momentum, we pride ourselves on our unique processes, which deliver enhanced R&D Tax Credit claims and help clients to introduce new, innovative corporate strategies to bolster future R&D Tax Credit claims.

It is a strong aim of ours to educate businesses on the potential of R&D Tax Credits. In our experience, there are still many local businesses that are not aware of R&D Tax Credits, or incorrectly think they do not qualify and are not claiming their full legitimate entitlement.

With an expanding client base, we have increased the number of accountancy practices that we partner with. Through working with experts that understand the intricate nature of R&D Tax Credits, our clients are fully-serviced with professional guidance throughout the R&D Tax Credit claims process.

We have invested significant time in developing relationships with professional sector bodies, accountancy practices and business affiliates. Momentum is now the exclusive R&D Tax Credit partner for Manufacturing NI and associate members of Mineral Products Association, ADS Group, Composites UK and NSI. Moving forward, we plan to further develop relationships with other professional bodies in new sectors. Through our partnerships, Momentum is at the forefront of business and raises the profile of R&D Tax Credits to greatly impact the business economy.

We have continued this growth internally, investing significantly in employees, training, premises and IT infrastructure. Our team now includes R&D Technical Analysts, a HMRC Tax Consultant and marketing department. This growth is a result of Momentums credibility within the sector and increase in demand for R&D tax relief, enabling us to invest £200,000 in the business premises, and to expand capacity and expertise to meet clients’ needs.

Looking to the year ahead, we are currently completing a 2019/2020/2021 strategy for plans to expand further into the GB and ROI markets, as well as adding to our expert team. With wider markets, wider sectors and a larger untapped client base, these expansions will enable Momentum to grow significantly.

At Momentum, we recognise that our team is our best asset. Without each of our employees, we could not have achieved the significant success and growth that we have and will continue to achieve in the years ahead.

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