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We’ve got the Momentum to move forward

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We’ve got the Momentum to move forward

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Momentum Group announces growth and a commitment to clients and staff

Friday 27th March: It’s quite ironic as the clocks prepare to spring forward this Sunday, that we all feel as though we’re moving backwards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has the business community feeling anxious, uncertain and fearful for what the future may hold. The situation continues to unfold as I write this blog and currently many workers have been laid off and businesses forced to close. Although government grants are being made available, it’s still difficult to see a future beyond this virus. We find ourselves in strange and unprecedented times.

Over the past years, in my position as an R&D Tax Credits provider, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many thriving, forward thinking businesses across UK and Ireland and with great business people who have inspired me with their innovation, dedication and resilience. Very recently, the Momentum Group have made a significant investment in our operations and are set to double our workforce this year due to the growing demand of our service.

While we are very proud of our business growth and the steps we have taken to move forward with the clocks, we are compelled to reflect on the great businesses, across the manufacturing, engineering, food and technology sectors to name a few, and also the great people who brought us here. We are compelled to reflect on the daily efforts of our staff and their continued commitment as our organisation is forced to change under the developing circumstances.

We look towards our core value of ‘going the extra mile’ and we are committed to helping our staff and clients through these unsettled times. We are all in this together.

In this instance, over the coming week we will be dispensing valuable and practical advice across our social media platforms for companies that have already submitted a claim for R&D Tax Credits and for those still seeking to claim.

One thing is certain, we will move forward. The one thing many of us have on our hands right now is time. This time gives us the chance to reflect, to listen and to think differently. This time gives us the chance to be mindful and compassionate. And as the uncertainty passes, we will come together having made new choices and created new ways to grow.

The clock will tick and the hours will pass by, but the possibilities exist, if we keep Momentum.

Thank you for your continued support.

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