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  • On his first visit to our premises, Tom Verner (Momentum’s Director) told me that we may have been carrying out R&D which complied with HMRC guidelines. He explained those guidelines and how his company could help.

    We were glad that we partnered with Tom. The process was simplified by Momentum’s management of the R&D assessment, general document compilation and report writing.

    Momentum’s R&D Analyst produced a document following his visit, a technical report for submission with our claim. Within a few weeks we had our repayment from HMRC.

    I would highly recommend any Limited company seeking to identify their eligibility to partner with Momentum. We’ll be working with them again when our current Year End passes.

    Mr McElwaine - Chairman - Security Technology
  • Momentum was recommended to Hanover Systems as it is an R&D specialist company. It seemed that as an innovative company like ourselves, we may qualify for corporate R&D tax relief.

    I was conscious that we would have to spend lots of time compiling information because we’re a busy company. To my surprise, Momentum’s process turned out be a comprehensive and well-researched technical report with little interruption to myself and my staff.

    The professionalism, expertise and knowledge of Momentum’s team was crystal clear and allowed them to identify our qualifying activities.

    Within weeks of submission, our application was approved and we received our rebate directly from HMRC.

    We would endorse Momentum for a swift, well-managed and simplified process that suits busy organisations.

    Mr Hair - Director - Electrical Engineering
  • I would like to highly recommend anyone who is looking to explore R&D tax relief to speak to Momentum. A business associate mentioned R&D Tax Credits and gave my details to Tom who introduced himself and his company. He provided some information which sounded very interesting to me and my accountant and we arranged to meet.

    Tom came out to our company to see the level of R&D activity and explained in more detail how it worked for a business like mine. We assisted Momentum to collate our company information so they were able to identify an R&D claim.  The process was made easy and managed in a very proficient way.

    Our return was successfully submitted and we received a substantial payment.

    Mr McCabe - Director - Architectural
  • I first heard about Momentum through a good trusted business associate who knew of their success and ability to deliver.

    After making initial contact, Tom met with us to explain the whole process. After it was identified that we may qualify, Momentum’s senior R&D Analyst, Ron, visited our business to assess the levels of R&D and our expenditure for the last two years.

    Momentum’s subsequent technical report was impressive (even our accountants passed very positive comments) and well-researched. It reflected the nature of what we are involved in and where we had overcome uncertainties or challenges.

    We received a substantial sum within just six weeks of submission, which we are all very happy with.

    As our 2015 year-end approaches, we’ll look forward to working with Momentum again. I would continue to recommend Momentum to other businesses for the high standard of service provided.

    Mr O’Brien - Financial Director - Security Technology
  • Our accountant recommended us to Tom from Momentum in 2013 to look at better ways to increase our business.  Tom quickly identified that our manufacturing process qualified for HMRC’s R&D Tax Credit scheme.

    To our surprise we received a five figure sum which went straight to the bottom line, and has now allowed us to invest in a new sales person and vehicle.

    His team managed the process from start to finish and it was great to see a rebate paid back directly to us via cheque. I would encourage all proactive and forward-thinking business owners to speak with Tom to see if he can discover qualifying R&D in your business.

    He’s a genuine professional who we would recommend to anyone!

    Mr McBride – Director - Manufacturing
  • I asked Tom from Momentum to have a look at our business to see if we carried out any R&D, as the Government are actually encouraging innovative companies to explore this avenue. I thought that I had nothing to lose on a no win no fee basis.

    Momentum’s R&D Analyst (Ron) met with me and asked all the ‘probing questions’ and to my surprise, he identified where we had performed R&D activities. To say I was surprised was an understatement as I just absorbed these activities as a ‘commercial’ cost to the business.

    Momentum then wrote a high level technical report to support my R&D expenditure, which was then filed online to HMRC by my accountant.Three weeks after submitting my claim, I received a nice cheque directly from HMRC.

    I am glad I asked Momentum to look at my business, as they are the R&D experts in Northern Ireland – Therefore, I would encourage any innovative and proactive business to contact them for a free assessment.

    Mr Thompson – Director - Fire Safety
  • It’s rare in today’s climate that a company over delivers on its promises. And that’s why I write this endorsement to Momentum.

    I was recommended to Momentum by a business associate to assess whether my business qualified for R&D Tax Credits. I was advised previously that we didn’t qualify.

    Tom & Ron visited my business and explained the R&D guidelines; and to my surprise, quickly helped us identify the high levels of R&D which we were performing on a daily basis.

    Tom’s team project managed the process from start to finish and it was a flawless process.

    We received a significant sum of cash paid directly into our bank within four weeks of submitting the claim.I would highly recommend Tom at Momentum to any business looking to make a claim for R&D relief.

    Ms Bell – Director - Print & Packaging
  • It’s rare that I write to endorse another business. However, I feel the need to pass on a recent experience which was beneficial to my business!

    I was recommended to Momentum by a business associate to assess whether my business qualified for R&D Tax Credits.

    Tom visited my business and explained the guidelines for this purpose, and to my surprise, quickly identified where we actually qualified.

    Tom’s team project managed the process and developed the supporting claims document and technical report. My accountant submitted the claim on 30 September and I received a cheque on 10 October directly from HMRC.

    If you don’t think you qualify –  think again.

    I would recommend Tom at Momentum to any business looking to make a claim.

    Mr Devenny - Managing Director - Ventilation & Heating
  • Momentum project managed the entire process, interacting with HMRC on our behalf when necessary. It was an asset to have Momentum as a partner and we would recommend their services to other businesses seeking to identify R&D for the purpose of tax relief.

    Mr Davidson - Director - Precision Engineering
  • I didn’t know anything about R&D Tax Credits until a mutual business associate told me about Momentum. I knew we were certainly doing some but I didn’t realise to what extent until an R&D analyst from Momentum came to meet us.

    Mr Mawhinney - Director - Meat Manufacturer
  • Momentum was recommended to us by our accountants to help us maximise the R&D Tax Credits that we could reclaim from HMRC.  Tom’s visit to the premises was insightful and helped us determine all the R&D activities we were involved in.

    The Momentum team were easy to deal with and didn’t infringe on our day to day tasks.

    The report produced perfectly surmised our business and the R&D activities we were undertaking.

    Within a few short weeks we had a five figure sum lodged to our account by HMRC.

    The whole process was seamlessly managed and I would recommend Momentum to any business that is applying for R&D Tax Credits.

    Ms McEvoy - Financial Controller -Textiles
  • We have been working with Tom and his team for the last three years. We have found this to be a very beneficial relationship and must compliment all involved in Momentum’s professionalism.  We were particularly impressed with just how quickly they understood our business and used this knowledge to highlight to us the extent of the actual R&D activities that we did on an ongoing basis.

    Mr Hackett - Director - Manufacturing
  • After my first meeting with Momentum regarding R&D I was a bit sceptical that my claim would be successful. However I was very pleasantly surprised when the claim came through. The team at Momentum has been a pleasure to work with and the process has been very straight forward and successful. Through my time in business they are one of the few consultants who do what they say they are going to do.

    Mr Arnold - Director - Food Manufacturing
  • The modern world requires businesses to be constantly creative and inventive to survive and develop; Momentum harnesses this creativity for maximum tax effeiciency. Momentum contacted us through our connections to the FSB.  Despite being involved in R&D I had no idea that we could offset some of our tax bill against this work, and I was actually pretty sceptical of the claim process. Nevertheless, we followed the fairly straightforward process required and saved many thousands of pounds in our first year alone. Tom Verner guided us every step of the way and is an expert in identifying work that qualifies for this credit. I've already recommended Momentum to many of my colleagues in business. 

    Mr Crawford - Director - Lighting Design
  • Tom Verner and his team at Momentum are dynamic specialists in R&D Tax Credits.  We are extremely happy to be one of their clients. We have had a successful and mutually beneficial relationship for the past two years and look forward to more of the same. My recommendation to any company would be to take one hour out of your week and talk to the Momentum team. Call it an early Christmas gift or indeed a belated one to you and your company because these guys  "do exactly what they say on their tin."

    Mr Mooney - Financial Director - Waste Management
  • For years I was told our sector of industry did not qualify for R&D tax relief.

    When our accountants recommended Momentum I was sceptical to say the least.

    However, I agreed to a meeting on 1 December 2015. On Christmas Eve a five figure sum was refunded to us – a very nice Christmas present indeed!

    Enough said!!

    Mr McCready - Managing Director - Aquaculture